Each day we are faced with the joys, ​blessings and trials in life.  Often times our bodies just can't keep up with       the world and have to manage living with pain.  Below are just a few stories of hope for those who need it!

About two years ago I was having severe hip pain, but when it moved to my shoulders and neck, I knew I needed professional help.  Dr. Dickey came to my rescue. Within a few visits I felt great relief, but within a couple of months I could REALLY tell the difference.  Dr. Dickey does a terrific job at educating his patients too. Knowledge is power and visits regularly have improved my physical and mental state of being, and that is why I suggest to all my friends and family to see out Dr. Justin Dickey's expertise.

-J Henderson

I just found Dr. Dickey due to increasing low back pain that I honestly had been dealing with for many years, but I was a little scared to go to a chiropractor. Needless to say he is not scary at all. He has helped tremendously with my back pain.  I have less pain or not at all at work.  I am able to be more active and I sleep so much better.  It truly has helped more that I thought possible.

-E Roberts

When I came to see Dr. Dickey I was in pain and I thought it was going to be a simple one time fix. By spending time with Dr. Dickey I have learned that it never was that simple. It is a change of lifestyle. The pain I had is gone but now I feel my body going through transformations that will lead me down a different path, where I take time to care about myself and well being. I feel the benefit of all of the things  Dr. Dickey is doing for me and the knowledge he shares is helping reshape many people's lives. 

Thank you

-J Paulton